Boiling frogs 2017 inspirations: teach (1)

It is longer than three weeks since I was attending that software craftsmanship conference in Wrocław. The seven-hour train journey was exhausting, but worth that amazing experience of meeting a lot of great people and learning something new about my job. Here I just want to share some thoughts with hope, that someone gets inspired.

Moore’s law of our times – Tomasz Kaczmarzyk (opening speak)

    • “The software craftsmanship manifest” was reminded. I think that every programmer aspiring to be a professional should recall it more often than on the conference. I would say at least once a month! The thing is to keep the focusing on “raising the bar”.
    • The next fun thing was a prediction of Uncle Bob, that “every 5 years the number of programmers doubles”. And here is my tweet about it:

    • There was nice explanation what “10x programmer” really means in the context of software craftsmanship: maybe 1 senior programmer cannot be as much productive as 10 junior programmers, but he can improve them by teaching and helping. So senior guys step up and don’t hesitate to be mentors! I believe that teaching is a natural way to become an expert.