Display facebook posts on your website

Recently I had to display Facebook page posts on website in favor of embedding simple widget. The problem of widget is that it’s not showing full posts and it has limited size. There is a bunch of tutorials on how to integrate Facebook feed with website. But here I want to share some general tips based on my latest experience.
  1. There is no anonymous API access, even for public posts. You have to register your website as an application on “developers.facebook.com”. Registration requires to verify your Facebook account by phone number or credit card! Playing with API on “Grap API Explorer” also requires login.
  2. One-time access token is not necessary to use API. You can use combination of “app id” and “app secret” as well. But remember to use it only on server side! E.g.:
    1. https://graph.facebook.com/endpoint?key=value&access_token=${app_id}|${app_secret}
  3. Create link to Facebook post/page by adding id at the end of the base URL:
    1. https://facebook.com/${id}