Slow Intellij 17.1 – Xmx for help

Yesterday I switched to 2017 version of Intellij from the good old 16.3. I didn’t read about all new features yet, but the first thing that hits me was new look of “Find in Path” window. It’s now completely redesigned and I couldn’t get used to it for the first couple hours. Now I don’t need to click to another tab to change search filters – it’s all in the results view already! Thanks JetBrains!

After running Intellij for the longer period of time without restarting, I noticed some lags. The Java editor was freezing for a second or two and it was really annoying! I couldn’t work 🙁 After looking for some “magic” tweaks in the internet, I found that maybe I should just double the Xmx setting. Original value was 750MB, so I have changed it to 1500MB. I enabled “Memory indicator” and after running some unit tests it exceeded the original value. Hope it helps in a long run!

[IntelliJ] Auto-filling Java call arguments like Eclipse did

After changing my IDE from Eclipse to IntelliJ, I suffered from lack of really helpful functionality of auto-completing method call arguments (topic on Stackoverflow).

The standard auto-completition wasn’t enough and “Ctrl+P” shortcut doesn’t satisfy me either.

Hopefully I found this issue: IDEABKL-5496 – Auto-filling the actual Java call arguments, where the last comment written just couple days ago has a great news for me!

Making long story short: some German developer made pretty cool plugin, that fix this problem!

Usage is very simple – you don’t need to know new shortcut, just press “Alt+Enter” and select “Fill …” from suggestions menu. It rocks!