How to deal with properties in Spring context tests?

public class MyTestConfig {

static {
System.setProperty("", "true"); 

/** properties loading */
public static PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer properties() {
final PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer pspc = new PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer();
return pspc;


@SpringApplicationConfiguration(classes = MyTestConfig.class)
public class MySpringTest {

Java SSH Client

String hello = new Shell.Plain(
  new SSH(
    "", 22,
    "yegor", "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----..."
).exec("echo 'Hello, world!'");

Java console program + Maven

Use “Assembler Plugin”:

How it looks:

$ mvn package appassembler:assemble
$ sh target/appassembler/bin/app
Hello World!

Linux renaming many files

My task was to rename many i18n files, because of technology migration. I found following solution:

rename 's/app_/messages_/' app*properties

Example of result: ->